How to adapt your CV to different job descriptions


It would be great if every CV you sent out was snapped up straight away, but the truth is that the most sought-after positions often receive hundreds of applications.

If you want to get an interview in today’s job market, your CV needs to stand out from the stack of hundreds of other applicants and directly speak to the hiring manager.

Here’s how to tailor your resume to a specific job posting so that it stands out from the crowd and gets you an interview:


1. What are your skills?
Fill an A4 document with all of your qualifications. Although it may take some time and introspection, the results of this exercise will be well worth the effort.

Seeing how many skills you already possess can help enhance your self-assurance.


2. Categorise your skills
Step two is to organise your abilities into distinct groups.

Most organisations are looking for candidates with strong communication, technology, teamwork/leadership, organisation, and professionalism skills.

Now it’s time to group your skills using the new categories.

Teamwork and leadership encompasses the capacity to steer initiatives and inspire coworkers, whereas organisation encompasses the ability to meet deadlines and manage one’s time effectively.


3. Examine the job description carefully.
In spite of the fact that every firm and every employer is unique, you can glean some information into what qualities are most valued by employers by perusing the job details and the 

Annotate the job description using your new skillset categories above. Here’s a case in point.

When you have a better picture of what the organisation is looking for in a candidate, you may decide to reorganise your skill sets or even add new ones after completing this exercise. Though, don’t make up abilities just so they fit the description.


4. Present your skills in order of importance (to the employer)
Which expertise did you notice was mentioned most frequently when reviewing the job description?

For example: the word “organisation” appears eight times in a job description, suggesting that this is a highly valued skill set for the company. Compile a list of how often each skill or personal attribute is mentioned in the job description.

  • Organisation (8)
  • Communication (7)
  • Tech Skills (6)
  • Professionalism (6)
  • Teamwork & Leadership (6)

After you’ve done this, it’s time to include specifics about each skill set by citing relevant experience and training in your application. For extra emphasis, use action verbs in your illustrative sentences:


  • Automating our social media presence by scheduling posts across various accounts and platforms
  • Managing the delivery of internal requests for marketing assistance and seeing that they are either handled personally or delegated to the appropriate team members
  • Facilitating the introduction and dissemination of fresh web content

Applying this process to the most heavily featured skillsets in the job description will yield a CV and application that is tailored to the position and demonstrates that you have a firm grasp of the responsibilities and duties associated with the position.


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