Introducing Attention Talent

Written by Chris Cranshaw – Tuesday 21st June 2022

“Once you start down the dark recruitment career path, forever will it dominate your destiny”.

Following a 20+ year career in the recruitment industry, that included a decade as a recruiter/recruitment leader and another decade as a recruitment marketing professional, friends and former co-workers frequently asked if I “would ever consider a return to the dark side and jump back into the coal-face of doing recruitment again.”

“Oh god, NO!” was almost always my resounding response.

A few of my former bosses will chuckle at the thought of me launching my own recruitment business, a few that enjoyed the profit margins from my good days will also say “about time Cranners took the leap”.

Don’t get me wrong: the knowledge and experiences I gained from my time in the recruitment and talent solutions scene, as well as my appreciation for what recruiters do on a daily basis, have proven to be valuable assets during my years as a recruitment marketer and, more recently, the owner/founder of a successful recruitment marketing agency.

But I didn’t want to go back to motivating teams of recruiters to spend their days on the phone, sifting through CVs and job boards in pursuit of those hard-to-find candidates.


You’re the guys that launched that Marketing Agency?

If you’ve spent ten minutes or more of your life reading about Halt’s launch and growth over the last two years, you’re aware of our rapid rise to fame and success in delivering recruitment marketing and outsourcing solutions to over 80 unique recruitment businesses.

Without exaggerating Halt’s success, a consistent theme over the last two years has been that outsourcing marketing functions isn’t right for every recruitment business.


“Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.”

  • Seth Godin

We swiftly expanded our product offering very early on in Halt’s journey to include support and mentoring of our client’s existing in-house recruitment marketing resource.

In addition to providing affordable outsourced marketing support, Halt has built a reputation for developing ROI-focussed marketing strategies and functions that both junior and experienced marketing professionals can inherit.

Because of the popularity of this service and our ongoing in-house resource mentoring support, our team have also become involved with identifying, sourcing, and selecting exceptional recruitment marketing talent for our clients.


Hold on a minute; aren’t you doing the one thing you were born to replace?

While outsourcing marketing operations is an excellent solution for many recruitment firms, it is not suitable for everyone.

Many of the prospective customers we speak with emphasise the importance of having a thorough plan in place for marketing their company, increasing brand exposure, and generating a return on investment from inbound enquiries. Even still, they are often indecisive about whether they should hire their own or simply outsource everything to the specialists to deliver their marketing strategy.

Halt’s outsource proposition excels at the latter but only marginally supports the former!


How can we offer a full service and not dilute our core offering?

When we considered how many marketing professionals we’d sourced and placed in roles with our clients, everyone we’d managed, mentored, trained, the community of in-house marketing professionals we know working in the recruitment industry, and our detailed knowledge of the experience and skills required to work as a recruitment marketer, the obvious hit us in the face!

We should also offer a solution to find and connect these marketers with our clients!

However, as many of our clients will tell you, we often say, “don’t dilute your brand or product.” Provide them with full-service solutions instead.”

That is precisely what we have done!


Introducing Attention Talent

A recruitment marketing firm dedicated to sourcing talented recruitment marketers for forward-thinking recruitment firms!

That’s quite a mouthful, but you get the idea.

Attention Talent is a super-niche recruitment agency that connects recruitment marketers with growth-oriented recruitment businesses eager to scale their brand and generate inbound inquiries from their target audiences.


But you said “Oh god, NO” to doing actual recruitment again!

In recent years, we have depended on our expertise in recruiting talented marketing professionals to help our clients, but I am determined not to revert to providing the full lifecycle of recruiting and resourcing.

We needed the right person to join us and lead this new business.

We’ve conducted countless interviews and conversations with experienced recruiters, marketing recruiters, and seasoned Rec2Recs since the tail end of 2021, in search of the ideal business partner with whom to launch this new venture.

We had strict criteria for the type of individual we wanted to lead and drive this new recruitment business, and I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why I have waited to find the right person.


Sometimes, the best answer is right in front of you!

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’ve been around the block a few times and have been fortunate enough to form some fantastic relationships and friendships that have contributed to Halt’s success.

One of whom I have not only advised, but also admired for her unique approach to rapidly building recruitment teams and support functions, as well as ensuring that every person she matches with a position is in a role where they will thrive for years to come.

Emma Webb is the person in question…

Someone you won’t see every day on LinkedIn bragging about her results, how involved she is in the recruitment and recruitment marketing scene, or how she recruits. Simply put, she has a LinkedIn account through which you can contact her. Emma continues to network with hundreds of recruiters and recruitment marketing professionals daily, supporting them in securing their dream jobs.

Emma is not your typical recruiter, and no written description can do justice to her unique and personal approach. If you are a recruitment marketing professional looking for a new opportunity, Emma will be as discreet with you as she is with her clients.

Unlike me, Emma doesn’t joke about recruiting being the dark side of the force. Loving her lifelong career in recruitment, Em can only be described in one word: passionate. She is passionate about the essential role recruitment plays within a successful business, the marketing and branding of recruitment companies, and the offerings that companies have in order to attract the right people on board to ensure business success. Talent attraction marketing is a KEY component in the development of successful recruitment companies.

Marketing for Em has never been, and never will be, a back-office function. Marketing needs to be appreciated for it’s importance and seated alongside the consultant sales function. Marketing IS sales. That’s why she’s our chosen partner to enable us to offer a full service to the recruitment sector.

Emma is the wingman you’ve been looking for if you want the right businesses to know you’re looking for a new job but don’t want the outside world (or your bosses) to know.


Recruitment Marketing is our niche, and we’re owning it!

Using our combined experience in recruitment, R2R, and recruitment marketing, we’ve niched down to become the UK’s only pure-play recruitment marketing talent firm.

Our knowledge is our strength, and we immerse ourselves completely in the recruitment marketing scene to ensure we have a true understanding of the skills, experiences, and tactics required to build both successful careers, and high-performing teams.

We handle marketing, content, creative, growth, strategy, communications, and social media roles at all levels.

Why are we different?

Despite the importance that marketing professionals prove daily in driving growth and ROI, marketing functions in the recruitment sector are frequently assigned to back-office and non-sales functions.

We do not hire for back-office support positions or the hidden unsung heroes of recruitment, our mission is to move marketing professionals out from the back office and place them up-front alongside sales and sourcing teams.

Our clients don’t ask where the ROI came from; instead, they brag about how much their marketing teams generate in sales and revenue!

And in turn, reward the marketing professionals we place with them at a level similar to their recruiter counterparts.

When recruitment business owners and leaders struggle to manage and lead their marketing teams to produce such results, we provide an affordable solution to train and mentor your marketing teams too, though our partnership with Halt.


This all sounds great, but where’s the call to action?

First off, you should reach out to Emma Webb or myself for a chat to find out more.  

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